>Sam — Senior Rep

>Meet Sam. I have known Sam a long time. A very long time. I visited his mom and dad in the hospital for the event of his birth. Yup, long time. His mother, Ann, and I have been friends since fourth grade when we bonded over a game of hopscotch. So, as you can imagine I am an honorary aunt. A seldom seen one, but still honorary 😉

But I digress. I knew when I saw this picture on the back of my camera that Sam and I were going to make purty pictures together. I mean, seriously, first shot! What a winning smile this guy has! He’s a total combination of both his parents so naturally he’s good looking.

Sam is a cross country runner so we went to a local “track” where he felt at home. Of course, when he’s running his coach never encourages him to get down in the creek bed. Leave that up to the crazy lady with the camera! But, Sam? You rocked this!

It’s all about the eyes for me. But then you knew that, didn’t you? I love his expression here. I’m sure over the years that this very smile has melted his mother’s heart countless times.

Tom and Jerry! ‘Nuff said….

My seniors rock. I mean, seriously, they rock. I told him to go out into the middle of this high grass and he just did it! I was tiptoeing along, watching for vermin at the edge of the field, and he’s just stomping thru. Love my seniors!!! Oh, and Ann? This one demands to be printed big. Real big. And, since he’s the first one, you can do it for him! 😉

Thanks Sam for letting “Aunt” Michelle take your senior pictures! It was awesome to get to spend some time with you. I know you are going to totally enjoy your senior year. And good luck on the running!
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