>Kaitlyn – Homestead Senior Rep

>I have been so lucky this year with my seniors! You see, as some of you know, my oldest is a senior, so several of her friends have come to me for photos. I am always excited to take photographs of people, but when it’s people I have known for a while I get extra excited. Miss Kaitlyn is one of those such people. She and Danielle go way back to elementary school. So when I tell you that she is a sweet, smart, lovely young lady you can believe it!

See? Gorgeous! Kaitlyn wanted something a little different for her photos. So I looked around and found her a couple of different locations. This was one of them. I’m a sucker for arches and pillars. Of course when you have a lovely, blue-eyed gal like K you can’t go wrong no matter where you are!

A little pop of red always makes a statement.

Oh, she’s a huge Bears fan. Her mom is too. So it was a given that a Bears sweatshirt would make it into her senior photos at some point. Don’t you just love brick paved streets?

Autumn light is absolutely yummy!!

Thanks so much Kaitlyn for braving the iffy weather and dodging sprinkles. I had a great time exploring different locations with you!
-thanks for stopping by!


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