>Green as the Emeral Isle

>That would be Miss Kristen’s eye color. Yup! Green! And, yes, I do believe that her green eyes are a first here on the blog. Oh, and blue eyes are definitely getting a run for the $$ ’cause her eyes are B E A utiful! Look! See for yourself!

Told ya! I’m known to be wrong occasionally….but not about eyes. Not quite believing me yet? Check out K’s awesome smile and eyes in this one:

Plus, she knows how to work it out in front of the camera. This photo here is a new favorite of mine. Mom picked this location and I must say, mom, you knew what you were doing! Fantastic!

Oh Kristen, Kristen, you need to consider modeling. Just sayin‘. But seriously, think about it k? K.

We headed downtown after the rural shots. Kristen had a bunch of awesome outfits and so we were trying to get in as many as we could before we lost the light. This pose here is so Kristen. Fun, perky and a great big smile. Cute, cute, cute.

And how about this? Not many people can pull of animal prints but Kristen can. I love how her fun personality is just shining thru in this photo.

Kristen brought along her best friend to help with outfits, hair checks and smiles. Of course, we had to get a shot of the two of them together. Cute times two!

Kristen, I had a great time with you and your crew! I hope your senior year is full of laughs, smiles and lots of memorable moments.
-thanks for stopping by!


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