>Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Talented

>No, I am not exaggerating when I say that Mr Nick has a lot going for him. He’s got amazing blue eyes. Seriously, check them out. I did not accentuate the color at all.

And he plays guitar. Oh, yeah, he played for me! Be jealous, very jealous, ’cause he played like a dream. Even in a corn field! Yup, ladies and gentlemen, that’s talent!

Did I mention he’s bright? Well I did tell you he’s got a lot going for him! And you can see for yourself how handsome he is….I loved this one in black and white. This photo screams “timeless” to me.

It took some doing, as I do believe Mr Nick is just a tad shy, but I got him to loosen up. (It’s that awesome, witty conversation thing that I’ve got going for me–lol) I do believe he even managed to relax a bit, as evidenced here. Those eyes, Nick, those eyes! Please, promise me, you will only use them for good, k? K.

This shot was his only request. He wanted this willow behind him. Great choice, Nick! I can totally see this on your first album cover. Which, of course, you’ll dedicate to me. What? It’s being dedicated to mom? Oh, ok, I’ll settle for the second 🙂

And this shot was my brain child. I love fields full of growing stuff. Yes, I know it’s not a technical term, but were you really thinking that? Or were you, as I predict, amazed at how natural Nick looks in a soy bean field playing his guitar? This one just may go on my wall, Nick! You never know….

Nick, I hope it wasn’t too painful to have your photos taken. You did a great job and I had a blast hanging with you and your mom. (She makes a great assistant!) Enjoy your senior year–I hope it’s everything you hope it will be!
-thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “>Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Talented

  1. >nickobocker! these are awesome and wonderful pictures! i cant believe you are graduating! i remember playing FROGGER when we were just kiddos! i love you now and forever! love always, *your best/favorite cousin ever*emilee 🙂

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