>A Long Time Coming

>Meet Lonn. Lonn is the oldest son of one of my best friends. As such I have known him since he was very small. I never would have imagined when I first met him at the ripe old age of five that I would be taking his senior photos. I knew he would be a handsome fella though, as you can plainly see:

He’s also an awesome lacrosse player. I had never seen the sport until I went to a tournament that his school sponsored. Can you say intense? Yeah, very competitive. I enjoyed it very much, especially since I could watch Lonn. He’s pretty intimidating on the field–and off for that matter!

He also plays the guitar. I believe he’s in a band…but I could be wrong. It has been known to happen. Anyway, he strummed a bit for me and I was impressed. Now if only I could get him to switch to country music 😉

We went to this area with that large “mountain” in mind. I had driven by it several times and always envisioned Lonn there with his guitar. Sometimes my visions do work out! Plus, this is canvas worthy.

Mom wanted some grunge. We found it!

Now at this point Lonn told me that he had to study for his ACT so we packed up to head out. And on the way? I saw this light. We pulled off the road for a few minutes and I’m sure glad we did! Thanks Lonn for being such a good sport about “one more photo”!

Yeah, this one? I know it’s slightly out of focus but I love the feel of it. The moodiness is so perfect for him. And I don’t believe I need to say anything about the sun flare 🙂

Thanks Lonn for sticking with me thru 3 cancellations until we could finally get it together. I hope you have an awesome year.
-thanks for stopping by!


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