>From My Alma Mater

>Meet Miss Erin. She just happens to go to the same high school that I did. Of course, none of the same staff is there since I attended back when it was a one-room school house-lol! Anyway, I knew Miss E was going to be a breeze to photograph when I saw this on my view finder:

You all know by now that I have a “thing” for blue eyes. Well, I also have a great love for brown eyes. And Miss Erin is a prime example of gorgeous brown eyes. And that bright, white smile of hers doesn’t hurt either!

You know that saying “she’s the girl next door”? This shot here reminds me totally of that. Doesn’t she just look like someone you’d want on your street? Sweet, wholesome and totally beautiful…definitely an asset to the neighborhood!

Yeah, I told you she’s gorgeous right? Well, check this one out! I love it in color but the creamy tones in the black and white just make me happy. Oh, and Erin? Get this one BIG! You won’t regret it, I promise.

I love wall shots. Now I hadn’t shot at this particular wall before but if all shots work out as well as this one I will definitely be going back. Erin? I don’t really need to tell you how incredible you look here, right?
Ok, so while Miss Erin may attend my alma mater I must be honest and admit that I never looked like this! I really wish her gorgeous looks were in the water back then…oh well. Thanks for a great time, Erin and mom! I had a blast.
-thanks for stopping by!


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