>Hitting the Road

>Well, kind of. Last weekend the hubster and I traipsed to a couple different car shows. He goes because he loves antique cars and all the different ways people customize and restore them. I go because I like all the details. And I like to take pictures 😉 Here’s the hubster and I. Yes, we take some odd self-portraits.

Baby’s got back! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I try to pick something specific to shoot when I’m out wandering at events like this. Last time I did hood ornaments. This time? Hmmm…I bet if you think really hard you’ll be able to guess. Give up? Tail fins! I love the way the color of this car contrasts so well with the brake lights.

Never fear though, I did get a few hood ornaments. Of course, I had to do it a little differently….doesn’t this remind you of a shark?

My husband must be getting really used to my odd photography ways because when I laid down in the parking lot for this shot he never skipped a beat. Gotta love familiarity! And gorgeous blue skies. Definitely gotta love the skies.

Details. It’s ALLLLLL in the details. And the way you crop them doesn’t hurt either! I present a hub cap. For some reason I love this shot. A new recent favorite of mine. Did I ever mention that I have a degree in Graphic Art? Its shots like these that make my heart go pitter patter.

I think I’m done with car shows for the summer. The hubster is going to hit a major one in Michigan this weekend but I’ve got sessions. Bummer. 🙂 🙂 I told him I’d be there in spirit…
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