>In The Wild

>Or as wild as you can get in the middle of the city. I recently ventured out to our local children’s zoo. I went with a couple of photog friends and we were on a mission to explore and see what we could see. Love trips like that! I did go with somewhat of a goal though. My oldest loves giraffes so I wanted to see if I could get some pics of one of the zoo’s newest babes. I think this gal was coming over to check us out. Of course there were lots of natural barricades between us so I just kept snapping away with no fears. 🙂

The baby! The baby! Isn’t she cute? Of course I have no idea if it’s a she or not, I’m just assuming. The adults were all girls though.

Baby again. This one I am definitely printing up for Danielle. I’m going to crop the adults just a bit more to hilight the babe. Love all those long legs around her.

Never fear, I did get some shots of other animals. I got monkeys for the hubster. He really wants a monkey. Of course I often tell him that I don’t need a monkey what with him and the children running around…
-thanks for stopping by!


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