>Brown Eyed Beauty

>This is Tori. She wasn’t too sure about having her senior pictures done–could probably have lived without it. But mom made a deal with her and then I arrived. I met Tori on her family’s property. Let me just say that I could have moved in! Perfect location for photos. Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt that Miss T was pretty gorgeous herself! 😉

Yeah, she’s got incredible brown eyes. I asked her if anyone had ever sung “Beautiful Brown Eyes” to her and she’d never heard of it. I guess I better send my dad her way! Lol!

Ok, I mentioned the property, right? Yeah, this fence is behind the barn. I’m in love. Both with this photo and with the area.

Did I mention her eyes? I did? Well, it bears repeating. Even in black and white they’re incredible! And I adore her smile. Plus (and this is a HUGE plus) she has perfect skin. Yup, that’s all her!

Here’s another example of those eyes. And the skin. She’s a swimmer so that may have something to do with her skin. All I know is, if that’s what does it, I’m going to be logging a lot of pool hours! Fresh as a peach here, Tori. You may have to consider modeling. Just sayin‘.

Tori is an avid outdoors person and loves both swimming and ATVs. Lucky for me she looks pretty good on one! I love that she picked this blue shirt. It just pops on her. Perfect choice of color, Tori. Oh and this one, while not a “traditional” senior portrait, would look awesome blown up!

Ok, Miss Tori, there’s lots more photos to go thru but I wanted to show you what a beauty you are in front of the camera. I hope it wasn’t too painful for you! 😉
-thanks for stopping by!


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