>Escape to the Lake

>That’s what we did this past weekend. And it was a gorgeous day for it! The kids’ other side of the family invited us all to spend the day lakeside and we said “YES!” before they could think twice! Growing up my family had a cottage so I miss it. Miss it dearly.

On the left there is one of the many islands in this lake. Yes, islands. And yes, that is a home on it. I want it. The boat was a popular spot to just sit and chill. And take out to a sand bar. The kids really enjoyed that. Bottom right is the hubster with the ex-hubster. Yes, we all get along. Its a (mostly) beautiful thing 😉 Kind of looks like I have a thing for bald guys, doesn’t it? LOL!

Two of my four with their dates. Doesn’t Nick look thrilled? He hates photos. Hates. As in deep, deep hatred. Lovely fun for his mother, the photographer! Middle photo is Chris and the oldest nephew. They were bonding. Bottom photo, it’s Steph and Jim…no explanation needed, right?

Good times, good times. See our Captain? He’s the oldest of the clan. Good guy. Plus he didn’t wreck the boat! Yeah! Middle right is Steph with her aunt. She’s an awesome ballroom dancer. Very fun to watch!

Nick enjoyed the drive. LOL! Again, with the curse of a camera-hater. Lucky, lucky me! The corn? It’s Indiana. You can’t go anywhere without hitting a corn field.

Two of the cousins cooling off in the lake. The one on the left look for on this blog ’cause senior pictures are in his near future! Bottom photo? Well that’s what happens when you give the camera to the hubster. He gets all the wildlife! haha!

Lots of good times had that day. I sure hope the family does it again ’cause I had a blast! And they should invite me because I didn’t post any incriminating photos…..
-thanks for stopping by!


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