>K is for Kolor

>Oh, and K is for Kyleigh too! But you have to admit “kolor” is the correct word when you see this bright, happy face with all those luscious, lovely hues:

Isn’t she just adorable? Her eyes are gorgeous. I know I always say my clients’ eyes are pretty but, you have to admit, they usually are. Eyes are, after all, “the window to the soul”, so how could they not be incredible? And she’s sweet too! She’s decided to go to nursing school so I’m sure that her future patients will be quite pleased to see that smiling face. But don’t worry, she can work it out too. Mom, uh….yeah…better lock her up! LOL!

Did I mention she’s a cheerleader by day and wall climber by night? Oh, I didn’t? Well, here you go, the proof. Her mother spotted her so no worries.

She really, really wanted to find a doorway. So, of course, her wish was my command. And she rocked it out! I love how fresh and fun she looks here. Great call on the door, Kyleigh!

And of course, we had to get a shot of what every (ok, most) teenage girls do best: text and shop. I gotta tell ya, this is one of my new favorites. Love how everything just came together here. So glad mom was willing to schlep the bag all over downtown so we could use it. Thanks, mom! You’re a great assistant! 😉

Kyleigh, you were a blast to photograph! I hope that your senior year is full of fun, smiles and lots of memories. Enjoy!!
-thanks for stopping by!


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