>The Most Recent Mr and Mrs S

>We’ll begin this story with the live capture…er….I mean the arrival of the ring bearer. He was quite rambunctious and not quite sure about being on display. Now that I think of it, that seems fairly typical for most of the male species! 😉

He quickly began practicing for a new career as a door man. Lucky for him he had some happy arrivers. Is that a word? It is now!!

Jennifer’s sister was the maid of honor. And she did an awesome job! Paid attention to the smallest details:

And did I mention the two sisters are adorable? Well, check it for yourself:

Mom/Grandma got into the act of getting Mr. B ready for his ring bearer duties. He allowed it for about two minutes then he and that bottle of water were off and going again! Oh to have that energy!!

Yeah, no words needed here. I know you’re thinking what I would type: she’s beautiful. Sweet and simple, no need to embellish with any fancy words.

A little close up. Check out her eyes! Brown has never looked so good.

The handsome crew of groom and groomsmen. They were so happy to have pictures taken! Not. 😉 But they were troopers.

Of course, they did have their moments of rebellion. I love these relaxed moments where they’re just being their rowdy selves. Makes the day so much more fun.

Steve managed to grab Mr. B for a father/son photo. Mr. B was having none of it. That water bottle was soooooo interesting! LOL

And Jennifer did manage to snag him for a mom+flower girl+son moment. He was hamming it up here. Word to the wise: get a silly guest or bridesmaid/groomsman to stand behind you and be nutty. Works like a charm.

Here’s Mr. B during his walk down the aisle. He got the end of it and decided he was not having anything to do with the ceremony, the crowd, his parents, nothing! No sirrreeeeee! I’m thinking that pout could be used to get him many, many toys at the store. I know I’d probably fall for it a time or two!

A stolen moment during the readings. Favorite!

And here’s the Mr and Mrs! Aren’t they just stunning?! Talk about a good looking couple!

A little close up. Love me some blue and brown eyes! No wonder Mr. B is so stinkin‘ cute! With parents like this, how could he not be??

I’ll leave you with another favorite. I opened the door to the limo and stood there while the wedding party climbed in. This is what we in the “biz” technically call a happy accident. I couldn’t have planned a better sun flare!

Congratulations Steve and Jennifer! I wish you nothing but the best for your future!!


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