>Starting With A Bang!!

>Meet Abbi. Abbi has the distinct honor of being my first senior for the 2011 graduating class. Yes, that’s right, I said 2011. And, if Abbi is any indication of the awesomeness that 2011 has in store, then I say, “Bring it on!!!” I mean how can I lose with seniors like this?

Seriously, really? Abbi, you’re smokin‘ here. Smokin‘. Sorry, mom, somebody had to say it! 😉

Oh, hey, did I mention Abbi is gorgeous? I didn’t? Well, in my defense do I really have to? No, no, I didn’t think so either.

Oh, and not only is Abbi drop-dead, smokin‘ gorgeous, but she’s sweet, smart and athletic! However, I did hear she has a wicked spike on the volleyball court. (It’s those quiet ones who you have to watch out for! 🙂 ) Loved her car! Such a bright, fun little roadster. Perfect fit.

See Abbi’s eyes? Yeah, they really are that blue. I promise I didn’t touch them. And that sparkling Crest smile? Didn’t touch that either. She’s all natural. A real American girl-next-door.

Thanks for setting the bar for 2011, Abbi! I had a great time meeting you. Oh and thanks for making the long trek to Fort Wayne. Let me know when you get this way again!
-thanks for stopping by!


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