>The Marriage of Ben and Sarah

>We started off the day in the beauty shop. Lots of good friends, good food and laughs. Everyone was so easy going and relaxed. Take not of how Sarah’s smile was so bright and happy.

They saved the bride for last to do her hair so everyone could watch. Sarah, you’re beautiful!

I loved her flowers. Plus, they smelled fantastic! I always love when brides mix in a little something personal with their flowers.

The church is filling up and Sarah is ready to go. Did I mention you’re beautiful, Sarah?

Here’s Ben. Ben chose his brother as his Best Man. How cool is that? And aren’t they just adorable? Love those smiles.

Ben must have looked a little nervous to his momma while waiting for Sarah to make her appearance. I love how she reached out to give him a little reassurance. Favorite.

Look at the proud poppa! And how relaxed does Sarah look? I don’t think she had one case of the nerves the whole day.

One of my favorite after-the-ceremony shots. You gotta love a good kiss!

Ben is the oldest of ten children. That’s right, TEN! So we gathered the whole clan around Momma. What a good looking family you’ve got there, Mom!

Oh, did I mention that they kind of like her?

After the ceremony the whole wedding part,y plus a few extras, went for a trolly ride thru town to show off the new bride and groom. Lots of honks and waves were going on.

Did I mention that Sarah and Ben have known each other since elementary school? Aren’t they just the cutest?

Sarah and her maid and matron of honor had some fun on the trolley too. If you’re thinking these ladies look like they could cause some serious ruckus…well, I’ll just say you may or may not be right 😉

Introductions were made at the hall. This entrance definitely deserved a standing ovation!

Loved the cowboy hats for the garter and bouquet toss. Ben looks like he’s about five years old here.

Lots and lots of fun was had by all at the reception. Good music, good food and a fantastic couple equal a memorable evening. Thanks for letting me share in your new beginning as husband and wife!
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