>Grandma’s Garden–Fort Wayne Children’s Photographer

>I want to introduce you to a pair of boys who will absolutely steal your heart. So don’t say I didn’t warn you! We hung out on their grandma’s back porch and in her flower garden. It was a perfect morning for it.

Yeah, your heart is melting, right? Are they not the cutest? The are the grandbabies of one of my very best friends. Their momma is embarking on a new adventure and needed some head shots. Of course, I agreed, but only if we could get some pics of the boys too. Who could blame me?

I got a little (happily given) advice from this guy on how exactly to shoot the photos. I believe he was telling me here to only get his good side! 😉

And this cutie-patootey was practicing his flower knowledge. Me? I don’t know a dandelion from a daisy but his grandma was filling him in. He did a good job pronouncing the names too!

Of course, we had to make some time for some snuggles. How could you resist cuddling with him? I know I sneak in a few hugs every chance I get. Told you his momma was gorgeous! Now you know how those boys got to be so cute.

And seriously?! This shot cracks me up!! Watch out ladies! If he knows how to use that killer charm at this age I can only imagine what he’ll be doing in twenty years! lol!

Plus, he thinks he’s pretty funny! Of course, his momma, grandma and I did too! 🙂 And I love how big brother just kept doing his thing. Reminds me so much of when my kiddos were this age.

Oh and in case you were wondering, this is how you find your ears! I do, however, recommend if you’re my age, doing this in the privacy of your own home. haha!

Thanks for letting me capture some of the boys, Momma V. I had a great time with you and them!
-thanks for stopping by!


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