>Shave and No Haircut

>You know you’re in for a rocking session when you look thru the view finder and see green sparkly, full of mischief eyes like this! Add in a smile this big and bingo!! it’s “go” time!

Meet Mr. E. Let me tell you, this guy is fun! Some young day-campers this summer will find it out first hand, but you heard it here first! Yes, he works at a day camp. Which is where we took his senior photos. He and his pal Mr. M knew the woods like the back of their hands. Good thing I kept up because I’m not the best navigator in the woods! šŸ™‚ He didn’t have too many requests but he did want a trail picture. Happy to oblige, Mr. E!

He tried his best to do some serious photos….see? Looking pretty serious in the long grass here. (Kind of lion-like, dontcha think?)

But, he’s just too much fun! And, yes, his laugh and smile are just as infectious as they look!

Another request was something with an especially big tree. Love his expression here. He’s going to be a pediatrician so I’m sure that lots of kids will be seeing his smile from this angle. Lucky kids to get such a fun doc!

Mom had a request, too. She wanted him to take a “traditional” senior portrait. Without the beard. Being a good son he brought along an electric razor. Being a good photographer, I shot it!

Awwww….clean shave just for you, mom!! And not a nick in sight!

And while I did get a more traditional shot for mom, I really like this one. Every guy should look so relaxed and natural in a suit. It’s not often you meet a young man who looks equally comfortable in jeans and a suit!

Now, before you gasp and wonder just what was I thinking, I didn’t put him up to this. He thought of it all on his own. Did I discourage him? Nooooooo…..but I did tell him to be careful! Does that count? Anyway, new favorite!

So, Mr. E, I hope you had a fun time. I know I did, even if we did have to battle mosquitoes at the end. Best of luck to you in college–I know you will do awesome!
-thanks for stopping by!


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