>The Last of 2010-Fort Wayne Senior Photography

>Nothing like going out with a bang! Meet Miss A. She’s the last of a great season of 2010 Seniors. And she rounded out the group with a whole lot of “oh yeah!” I mean, really, how could you not say “oh yeah!” if you were taking a photo like this?

Yup, she’s adorable. Plus she had her sister along to help look for any problems. Like stray hairs, uneven hems, etc. Big sis was a tremendous help!

And did I mention she can work it out? This classic image was taken in her foyer. The light in there was awesome. And I just loved the colors. Perfect combination.

I know I’m always commenting on my girls’ eyes but I’m going to do it again. Look! Just look at her eyes! Gorgeous!! Brown eyes always have so much variation to them. I think that’s what I like most about them. Plus, Miss A smiles with hers.

The grassy knoll. Yes, I know my sense of humor is questionable but come on, let me have my fun! This was an impromptu shot. I love it when my seniors just go with the flow. Almost always works out. Here it definitely did. Plus, she had a comedy team behind me making her laugh. 😉

Who wouldn’t want a street named after them? So I did my best and gave her what every girl wants. LOL

This last one is definitely a favorite. I love the way the light just makes her glow here. This is exactly why I prefer to schedule early morning and late evening sessions. The light is so worth it.

Hope you like your sneak peek, Miss A. I had an awesome time with you and your sister!
-thanks for stopping by!


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