>Married!! Lindy and Dustin

>Yup, they tied the knot! And I got the honor of photographing it. It was an awesome ceremony. Lindy did most of the work and she did a fantastic job. She kept it simple but very meaningful. Gotta love that in a wedding! Oh, and Lindy? Well, let’s just come right to the point shall we? She was goooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggeeeeeeeooooouuuuusssss!!!!!

Isn’t her dress amazing? It looks like it was designed just for her. Perfection. Those shells in her bouquet were a tribute to all the Florida hours they’ve logged. I offered to go along on a vacation but I’m not sure they took me seriously. So, Lindy? Dustin? I’d be happy to go along next time and document your vacation! (Figured it couldn’t hurt to mention it, right?)

Lindy and Dustin were joined by their son. Yes, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. He’s about the cutest thing since beanie babies. Loved his little Vans with his tux. He was so relaxed and easy going, too. Perfect little gentleman.

Did I mention that he assisted me? Yup, that’s right! He may be the youngest wedding photography assistant ever. He brought along some action figures. Well I scooped ’em up and he helped me set this shot up. Didn’t he do well? Sorry, he’s not for hire. I’ve got him in an exclusive contract! 😉

I’m telling you Lindy and Dustin were so relaxed and just enjoying the day that they were a breeze to shoot. They really didn’t have too many requests except for this one. They wanted a shot of their deceased grandparents with them. So, happily, I obliged. Even being in the background they shine. What a perfect way to honor and include their grandparents. Loved the thoughtfulness of it.

Ok, better get my nose back to the grindstone. I’ve got a ton of awesome wedding photos to go through. So, as always
-thanks for stopping by!


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