>The Beast

>Remember that cute little puppy Miss Stephanie brought home? Yeah, she’s grown. Quite a bit. She was a wild, wild girl for a bit. Chewing on anything and everyone in sight. Made you just about decide that her cuteness and her orneriness were not equalling out. But, thankfully, she’s outgrown the chewing on people thing. For the most part 😉 However, she’s still a wild, wild girl! It’s like having a two year old again with all the toys! She knows where her toy basket is but she can’t figure out how to pick the toys up. Of course, the kids still have problems with that too…A sampling of her hourly blitz attack on the toys:

See the chicken? It no longer has feet. Nor does the blue thingy….LOL I think maybe she’s just got a foot fetish. Evidence: socks. Lots and lots of socks.

Oh, and here’s where the little monster ended up after decided that chewing drywall was a good past-time:

All I can say is it’s a good thing she’s cute! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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