>Senior Gorgeousness–Fort Wayne Photographer

>I am soooo lucky to get to photograph seniors that I have known since they were little. Being the mom of four kids, having coached several sports and working in a school forevah I’ve gotten to know lots of kids. And now, they are all getting older and needing photos. And, lucky for me, they are trusting me with that! How awesome is that?

Let’s take this young lady for example. Miss L. I’ve know her since she was about four years old. Yeah. Long time. So, when I say she’s a sweet, smart, athletically (basketball) talented girl, you know I know what I’m talking about! Oh, did I mention she’s gorgeous? Well, really, you could probably see that for yourself. 🙂

Do you see those blue eyes? Yeah, they are that blue! I always wanted blue eyes. If I knew that I could get contacts to match hers I’d do it in a heartbeat. Miss L would you like to accompany me to the eye doc so we can see what can be done? Speaking of docs, Miss L wants to be a nurse. I’m thinking that smile will make tons of sick patients feel better in an instant!

Miss L you are rocking this look! There’s nothing about this photo that I don’t like. I told you the wind was working for you! Perfection.

Thanks Miss L for spending the evening with me. It was great to get to see you again–off the court! 😉 I hope these last few days of your senior year are awesome and full of fun!
-thanks for stopping by!


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