>Another Peek — Fort Wayne Photographer

>I introduced you to Miss R yesterday. I told you she was beautiful, talented and smart. But did I tell you that she is one of the sweetest people I know? Well, words are a dime and dozen and a picture’s worth a thousand words, (or so I’ve heard ;] ) so here’s the proof: Notice the sweet expression, the light in her eyes. And that smile! So serene. And now, here’s the missing info: she was looking at her mother. Yeah, get the kleenex out! Her mom was teasing her about smiling for the camera and this is the look she gave her. Not the “oh mom” look we all expect. This, THIS!, filled with love and sweetness look! What a lucky mom!

Here’s another one that demanded ( I heard it, didn’t you?) to be shown. Ok, seriously, I may have to print this one LARGE! R, you are beautiful. And, in this photo, I can totally see your grandmother in you…

-thanks for stopping by!


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