>Sweet Songs Fort Wayne Photographer

>Meet Miss R. She is one spectacular young woman. Beautiful, smart and musically gifted. Yeah. I’m kind of impressed. Plus, lucky her, she’s related to my kids! Oh wait, that may or may not be lucky! 😉 I tease, I tease.

Anyway, Miss R met up with me on one of the few partly sunny days that we’ve had around here. It was hit or miss getting to it, a little rescheduling and calendar shifting but I think it paid off. Judge for yourself:

Yes, she’s adorable. Do you see a resemblance in the eyes to my Stephanie? I do! Those big, gorgeous brown eyes. Miss R’s may be just a tad darker though…may have to do a comparison one of these days. She’s definitely got some of the sparkliest eyes. Is that a word? It is now! Add that one to my ever-increasing phone “dictionary”. And, seriously? Have you even seen someone that could work a black and white photo like this? R, you’re gorgeously cute!

I mentioned talented right? She not only plays the trombone but also the violin. Yeah, pretty cool. She voluntarily brought her instruments but I, being the master of convincing, got her to actually play them. In the park no less! You should have seen the little kids that were around come over to listen. Pure magic. Almost a Pied Piper sort of thing… This, THIS, is my new favorite image. I know, I know, I say that a lot. I’m a fickle artist-type-person 🙂 But, seriously, don’t you think this should be blown up B-I-G!!!!!!!!!!???

Of course, I always have to play. And, since Miss R had her instrument case with her and, well, we were in an alley….who can blame me? She worked it out. And Look! She made 5 cents too! lol

Ok, got to zip it and go to bed. I’ve been fighting the clock for weeks and tonight’s the night that I’m going to bed before midnight. Woo hoo for me!
Sweet dreams and
-thanks for stopping by!


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