>Seniors- Angola, IN Photography

>One of the things that I really like about my job as a photographer is getting to meet new people. I’ve always been fascinated by people. (May be all that portrait drawing I did early on in my artistic career.) But, in photography, sometime, if you’re lucky, you get to be a part of whole families. Yup, the whole she-bang. And that’s just awesome! Miss T is part of one of those families. I’ve shot her brother and cousin’s senior portraits, another cousin’s wedding and now her senior pics. How fun is that?! Plus? She’s a real beauty! Check it:

You’d never guess she was laying on a dock out over a lake would you? Yeah, she’s a natural.

Did I mention she was beautiful? Love, love, love her eyes! And they change too. This color is my favorite. Not quite gray and not quite green. All gorgeous though. Hmmm….maybe I should think about getting colored contacts? Think they could match hers? 😉

If you’ve been shot by me you know my one hard and fast rule: you must jump. I know it’s cliche and been done but it’s also fun and takes the edge off. I don’t usually include these photos in the sneak peeks but Miss T ROCKED her jump shots. And it has nothing to do with the trampoline! Nothing, I tell ya! lol Aren’t those boots just adorable? Yup, pure T.

And this just wouldn’t be Miss T’s sneak peek without a photo of her stalkers….er….fan club. They were behind me almost the whole shoot making T laugh. Gotta love it when my seniors bring their own comedy club! But really, what a good looking bunch. You may remember Miss M on the right from here.

Thanks Miss T for keeping me in the family! I loved meeting you at the lake. Hope you liked your sneak peek!
-thanks for stopping by!


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