>A Natural

>I recently met Miss J at the park. I love the park. Lots of flowers, lots of water, a few ducks and lots of awesome smiles. At least from Miss J. Isn’t she adorable? Sorry, I know that was a rhetorical question, but can you blame me?

I asked her if she ever thought about modeling. I realllllly think she should consider it. And, look! Even the wind decided to help out and prove my point! Seriously, J, look into the modeling thing, k? K 🙂

As I said, it was a little windy. For the most part we worked against it. Trying to face into it. Smoothing down hair lots and lots of times. Oh, and getting it out of her eyes. Tons of that going on! But, on some shots, we just simply let the wind have some fun. And got images like this. Talk about fresh and fun! And did I mention gorgeous? Well, now I have. My work here is done.

Oh wait, not quite done. The whole reason she wanted to go to the park was for the flowers and the fence. She requested a shot with it. Well, we got to having fun, shooting (both the breeze and the camera) and forgot. Luckily, I looked over as we were leaving and forced (not really) her to go over to the fence. Am I ever glad I did! Look at this!!! Definitely a favorite. And I’m not trying to influence you or anything but….this one….would look totally AWESOME in a canvas!!

So, there you go, Miss J. I hope you like your sneak peek. I had a great time meeting you, your mom and your brother. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!!
-thanks for stopping by!


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