>If This Is Work

>then I’m going to sign up to be a work-aholic! Meet Miss D. D stands for delightful. This was one fun session! Lots of laugh, lots of wind and lots of smiles. Couldn’t ask for anything more! Of course, Miss D and her long red hair (I always wanted red hair) worked the wind to their advantage. Check it out:

And this one? Well this one she kind of looked at me a little funny when I asked her to duck under a low-hanging pine tree. But see? It all worked out! Miss D you just glow in this photo. Glow, I tell ya!

Miss D likes flowers. So I made her sit in the middle of a tulip bed. I have others that show the flowers a little more but I couldn’t resist her eyes! I did nothing to them–they are that blue!!!! Red hair and blue eyes….I’m officially jealous. 😉

Ok, Miss D, I hope you like your sneak peek. Tell mom, I’m really sorry, but she is going to have a real hard time picking out photos… 🙂
-thanks for stopping by!


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