>Once Upon A Time

>it was Spring. And it was a lovely Spring. Full of balmy breezes, unseasonable 70 degree temps and lots and lots of sunshine. So, my two lovely pups and I went outside to enjoy the Spring. Miss Ethel enjoyed laying in the sunshine and feeling the breeze upon her face. Her ears flapping in the wind probably reminded her of happy car rides.

Miss Maci, well she enjoyed digging in the dirt and tackling my ankles from behind while I was walking. She didn’t really sit too much but when she did she was cuter than cute. I’m not too sure what she was looking at here. Actually she was probably plotting what to chew next upon re-entering the house 😉

And I? I enjoyed the sunshine while I took pictures of the cherry blossoms in our yard. The hubster always enjoys the sight of the blossoms ’cause he knows bags and bags of fresh cherries are on the way.

But, alas, our Spring was short lived. Because now we are back in the 40’s. And tonight there is a chance of frost. Boo to frost!

So, if you too, are missing Spring, you can go to this link and download a non-watermarked copy of the cherry blossoms for your desktop. Hopefully it will keep Spring alive in your heart!

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