>My Boys

>They don’t show up often here. Mainly because, like most men, they despise having their picture taken. Also, because they seem to have a knack for disappearing when I get the camera out. Of course, that may tie back in with reason number one. Who knows. Anyway, when I was “convincing” them that they needed the pictures for the Easter card, I snapped a few extra. Just for me. These are my favorites of them.

This is my Nick. He’s the oldest of the boys. By a mere five minutes, but he will not let his brother forget it. Nick is the reason that I am a sign language interpreter. He had meningitis at 4 months of age and, as a result, is totally deaf. We learned to sign, got him a cochlear implant and the rest is history. We like to tell him that the only thing he can’t do well is hear. And actually, with the implant, he hears almost as well as me! 😉

And this is my Chris. My baby. My funny child. The one kid of mine who is never afraid to ask “why”. He’s also very shy when he first meets people. It’s been a mission of mine for about the last 13 years to get him to speak above a whisper when ordering food at a restaurant. Chris is also the first one to pay a compliment or to ask how you’re day was. His thoughtfulness will certainly take him far in life. Not to mention that smile! I don’t see a full blown one like this often but when it appears it’s awesome.

Well, those are my boys. By the next time I get a picture of them “posed” they’ll probably be married and raising children. haha! Don’t worry, I’ll get them before then….

-thanks for stopping by!


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