>The Fab Four

>Today my children agreed…ok I pretty much blackmailed them…into letting me take a few photos of them. A few of them are under lock and key until Easter but this group shot I can share. I need a new photo to put above the couch and thought this might work. What do you think? They look much happier and cooperative than they really were! lol! Just as soon as I finished firing the shutter the boys took off for parts unknown. 🙂

The girls stayed and I took a few more shots of them. Here are two of my favorites. Miss Danielle and Maci. Bonding at its finest.

For this one can I get an “awe“? Thanks. Didn’t think I could hear ya, did you? haha!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the mystery photos from today. The children were not amused with them, but I was. So you know what that means right? EMBARRASSING PHOTOS OF THE KIDS!!!! (insert evil laugh)
-thanks for stopping by!


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