>Starting Off Right

>It’s official: my shooting season has begun. And I couldn’t have asked for a better senior to start off with! Meet Mr. C. This is one nice guy. A star on the basketball court and a very cool guy off of it too. We met up downtown and walked around for a while. Mr. Cs a very laid back guy so he was willing to try all my crazy ideas….like looking all “Gap” model~ish on a dumpster in a dirty alley. Totally pulled it off, dontcha think?

We had to get in the obligatory tie shot. (Keeps the moms happy :] ) He doesn’t look like he minded it though.

Workin‘ it out in a little niche. I love all the little spots and crevices that you can find just walking around. C liked the gate behind him and I really liked the wall. Yeah, I love it when it works out like that. Isn’t that blue awesome on him?! C, I’m thinking that if you want to dress to impress that this color should be standard in your wardrobe. Just sayin‘…

Thanks so much C and mom for allowing me to start my season off with your senior pics! I had a blast! I’m busily working on editing the rest of your photos and will have them soon. As always
thanks for stopping by!


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