>it’s a real toss up on whether or not this new pup of ours is fitting in….
she just doesn’t seem to be as comfortable around us as she should be.

and I’m not real clear on whether or not she is able to relax at all…

and the hubster and her? a real clash of personalities going on there! I’m not sure they will ever be able to work out their differences!

all in all, I think she is totally ambivalent about living here. I really think that she thinks she can do better!

of course, the “better” would have to have kibble lined walks, silk cushions and a maid bearing a feather fan for the little darlin‘!

yeah, she’s totally wrapped that hubster of mine around her little paw…and it doesn’t look like she’s going to loosen her hold any time soon!

-thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “>Questionable

  1. >These pix are fab…my fav is the last with your pup in the crack of the sofa copying her "daddy". Your commentary is absolutely hysterical! I had to call in my husband to see the pix and read the text to him! lol!Brenda F.

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