>Cuteness Overload!

>On Friday night Steph took off with friends headed for a little shopping to pick up supplies to make t-shirts. Imagine my surprise when she walked in with a little more than that! Yup, she found this little gal wandering a parking lot. Unattended and totally terrified. I immediately ran to the store for food, mandatory chew toys (she had already used her baby teeth on my fingers) and a little pink collar. Then, once she was a little more settled, I whipped out the camera. Who can resist baby faces….even the furry ones?

As you can see she appears to have adapted to our crazy, four teens running in and out lifestyle quite well. She naps on or with anyone. Potties outside as soon as we set her down (I do believe that’s the first time I’ve mentioned “potty~ing” here on the blog!!) and follows feet with whole-hearted devotion. And eats like a pig. Oy…can’t wait for the food bill to go up! But, she’s a sweetheart…so there won’t be much complaining… 🙂 And her name? We started out with Moose. The hubster just couldn’t wrap his mind around that name so it was changed to Maci. Flows a little better and still seems to fit.

As always
-thanks for stopping by!

ETA: if you didn’t say “aaaaawwwww” to at least one of these chock-full-of-puppy-cuteness well, then, there’s no easy way to say this: you’re not quite right. 🙂


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