>Guess who had a birthday? I’ll give you one guess. If you said that cute guy on the left you would be right. You may recognize him, but if not, that’s my dad. He’s (almost) officially 73. Yeah, he looks good. He keeps in shape by gardening, running around with my kids, and taking my mom and my grandma to their various appointments. Yup, he’s a good guy. And the kids love him. In case you don’t believe me let me present exhibit a:

After dinner, cake and presents I decided that it was time that grandma and grandpa were introduced to the wii. I’m not sure Grandpa had heard of it before but he did pretty good. He dug bowling! And check out Chris’s….uh….moves! 🙂 Despite that fancy approach, Chris got beat by both Grandma and Grandpa!! (Grandma really skunked him!!! lol!)

Nick didn’t play either of them but he hung around to watch the action. Even I got in on the games. Don’t I look entirely too competitive? Uh, I am. But I think its hysterical that my dad and I bowl exactly the same way. Left hand in the pocket. Never knew we did that. Cool. I think Grandma might have been napping at that point….

I think, overall, that Grandpa had a good birthday (early). His actual b’day is Thursday but with four busy teens we usually celebrate on a weekend. Always a safe bet of being able to pin them down on a Sunday. I can only hope to have him and my mom around for many more years to come…..gotta get a rematch on those bowling games!
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