>Still here

>This has been one long winter! Seems like as soon as the poor, dead grass begins to peek thru the snow, Mother Nature hits us again with another flurry of white! Now, I do think snow is beautiful….don’t get me wrong, but I only like it in limited quantities. And it’s definitely met it’s limit! What does all this have to do with my lack of blogging, you ask? Well….I’ve been feeling rather blah…blech, if you will. I need some sun. Some hints of spring. A little sun wouldn’t hurt either! Oh well, short of moving south (which the hubster won’t do) I guess I’ll just have to weather it out. Yes, I meant that pun. In the meantime, I played with a few more photos from Steph’s session….that bright blue sky in the background gives me hope…………

here’s hoping your weather is what you are hoping for and as always
-thanks for stopping by!


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