>Body Heat

>Winter has decided that a warm up is not in the cards for us. It is COLD!!!! Bone-chilling, mind-numbing, teeth-chattering cold. We are talking get-out-the-electric-blanket, crank up the furnace and throw some logs on the fire cold! And, no, for the record, I am not exaggerating. I don’t do that….unless I’m cold 😉

Anyway, as you probably know by now, we’ve got some pets in this crazy house of ours. Well, they are feeling the effects of our cold weather just as much as us. How do they combat the paw numbing temps? One curls up in the storage room on some chairs that are awaitinig re-upholstering(Miss Boo). One sneaks on to the bed or closes couch every chance she gets(that would be Miss Ethel). And the last one? She curls up next to the nearest human hoping for a little body heat:

I just love how soft and fluffy her paw looks here. Good thing we had her declawed or this would be a total illusion. As it is, yeah, she’s soft and fluffy.

Isn’t she the sweetest thing this side of fur? I love my Hoot. She’s been around since a co-worker of my father in law was moving and had to get rid of her. We gladly took her in and have not regretted a single minute. Except when she does her hair ball trick. Yeah, just then. But other than that…not a single minute!
-thanks for stopping by…..and stay warm!!


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