>My Own Kind of Commentary

>There’s a reason I take pictures and don’t do the commentary. Number One: I’m terrible at names. If I had to get the player’s number, look up their name and then report what had happened….well, the game would be over, people heading to their cars…you get the idea. Second, I’d be calling the action a little bit differently than what is expected. Instead of “Two points for Smith!” I’d be saying things like: “Ha! Slam that, Smith!” or “Ouch! That’s going to leave a bruise!” So, you see, commentary just may not be my thing.

BUT! I DO comment on my photos! It’s one of the things that makes my children sit back and stare at me. Especially when I start laughing to myself. They scoot a little farther away from me and shake their heads at each other.

Now, up to recently, I have shot mainly the sports that my children play: basketball, football, softball, etc. I haven’t ventured too far outside sports I’m familiar with. So, this past weekend I decided to expand my horizons a little. Think outside the frame, if you will. How? Wrestling! Now, I still don’t know diddly about the sport but I will admit that it’s PERFECT for my brand of commentary!!! Here….see for yourself:

And my personal favorite:

So, admit it, you were thinking of comments too, weren’t you? It’s good wholesome fun for the whole family.
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