>Playing in the Snow

>No, not with mittens, boots and scarves. More like with my camera and a tripod. I still get really cold and want lots and lots of hot chocolate when you go inside, but I also get some cool images. Pun intended. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at HDR so I knew just the place to go. There was lots of snow and blue skies. Plus old buildings with tons of character. Here’s one that just makes me wonder:

That’s a workbench of some sort in there. When I zoom in on it I think that the small object is a toy car/truck. It makes me curious about who left it there. Did they plan on coming back to it?

This is the side of the same barn. Believe it or not, this property is in a very populated area! I’m really hoping whoever buys it doesn’t turn it into another housing addition. Plus I’m hoping to get back here in the spring, summer and fall! I think the woods back there with some autumn color will be just spectacular!!

If the deep freeze that has hit us is in your area be sure to bundle up! We are expecting a warm spell of low 30’s later this week….may have to break out the shorts!
-thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “>Playing in the Snow

  1. >burrr! Great shots – LOVE the barn. I too often wonder sometimes with abandon houses or barns where it looks like someone pulled up the car and said jump in and they left with all their stuff just sitting there waiting for them to come back.

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