>Hitting the Boards

>Here in Indiana there are two things you can do. One: you can play basketball or Two: you can watch basketball. I, however, get to watch and shoot. The photo, that is. I gave up the playing many, many years ago. I have been known to shoot with the kids, but there is never any doubt about who will win–and it ain’t me! lol!

Now, this girl in the white right here? Yeah, with the awesome blocking skills? I’ve known her since she was in first grade. She’ pretty nice, not near as fierce as she looks here. lol

And this young lady? I haven’t actually really gotten to know her. But, off court she seems pretty laid back. On court though, well, let’s just say, I wouldn’t get in her way!

See? I told you! Those legs you see on the floor beneath her? That girl tried to stop her and look what happened to her! Just move aside and watch the magic.

And the tall kid here? Well, that’s mine. And I’m fairly proud of her. She looks so tough and focused here. She’s laid back off the court, but on court she’s intense. Quite a transformation. And, no don’t be confused. She did recently change her hair color. We call that her racing stripe! LOL! (She’s going to kill me for that!)

Hope to see you in the stands, but if I don’t
-thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “>Hitting the Boards

  1. >Those are some great shots! I love basketball I played 2 yrs. Jr. High, 4 yrs. High School, and then coach 1 yr. of pee wee basketball. What type of lens did you use.

  2. >I know what you mean- in IN it's basketball, basketball, basketball! But I love it! I was never tall enough or coordinated enough to play myself, but my boys play and it is so much fun to watch!

  3. >Your shoots from the stands are very good. I have pictures of my daughter sparing during tae-kwon-do testing and the expressions on her face alone would have me going the opposite direction. When they get in the zone – beware!

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