>and paths not taken. These are things that come to mind at the start of the new year. Most years I don’t bother making resolutions. I mean, really, by June do most of us even remember what we resolved back in the cold winter months? I know I don’t! But this year? This year’s different. This year I’m looking forward to trying to reach some goals. Some are high and hard to attain and some are simple, everyday little things. But all will, hopefully, enrich my life and make me a little bit better of a person. And isn’t that what we all we really want? To become our ideal? To travel down that road less traveled and arrive at a place where we have always dreamed of being? So, here’s to your road of dreams. May it be smooth and straight, may you travel with friends, and may you hold the hand of someone you love. And, as always,

-thanks for stopping by!


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