>Ever since I was young and just sketching around I’ve had a fascination with trees. Have you ever just looked at a tree? They are truly remarkable. So delicate looking but so strong. Able to withstand so much. Graceful. And, yes, moody. Ever notice how angry a tree can look in gale-force winds? Or how sad in misty, drippy weather? How about peaceful. With the snow falling and all the world is quiet…not a sound to be heard but the soft fall of the snowflakes. Yeah, that’s my favorite time. So, while I’m not a huge fan of winter, I am a fan of trees in winter. Their majestic, reserved and quiet beauty kind of make the cold all worth while. Kind of.

-thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “>Moody

  1. >Michelle, you are making me see trees in a whole new way. I really like the light in this photo, and how you processed this. I'm going to have to reconsider the dreaded "going outside."

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