>Peek A Boo

>Some of you may remember Hooter. She’s our oldest pet. And a real sweetheart. I don’t know if it’s truly part of her breed, but I have found that all my Persian cats have been extra outgoing for cats. She’s been known to come into a room full of people, sit down in the middle and look around. Frankly, I think she just likes to hear the comments on how unusual she looks (it’s that smashed nose) and how pretty she is. Hooter also likes to keep tabs on where and what everyone in the house is doing. This, therefore is one of her favorite spaces to sit. Right at the end of the hall. She can see the living room, the kitchen and down the hall to the bedrooms. Her own little “watch tower”. I love how she was sitting in the shadows here but the light from the hall “kissed” her cheek. Of course, she’ll just tell you she was trying to avoid looking at the camera! 😉

It’s Friday and I’m officially off work for the rest of the year! Yeah! Coming in January I will begin booking for the 2010 year. So, get your calendars out and let’s get those sessions scheduled! I’m ready to see your smiling faces!
-thanks for stopping by!


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