>An Out-take

>Every year I make the kids all get dressed up in their finest and smile widely for the Christmas card. Every year it’s almost more than it’s worth. Except, when I pull the photo out a year later and see how nice they looked. Then I forget about the headache of photographing them. Almost.

This year we almost didn’t pull it off. With the girls’ busy schedules its extremely difficult to round them all up and have enough time for a photo. I was willing to skip it but Danielle was getting a little antsy. Insistent, in fact. So, we carved about ten minutes out of yesterday morning and got it done. I don’t have a ton to choose from and Chris is making weird faces in most of them but I have card-fodder! Yeah!

So, in the interest of friends and family who will be receiving a card in the mail, here’s one that didn’t make the cut. It’s cute and all but Chris managed to step into the sun while the rest stayed behind. Resulting in an overly bright Chris and the others looking ok. See why I don’t enjoy the photo until the following year? lol

And, sadly for me, I couldn’t find the Santa hats….I think perhaps the children may have hidden them!
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