>A Taste of History

>I’ve never been much of a sci-fi fan. Never wanted to jump ahead light years to see what the future holds. History though? I have always found it fascinating. I would love to be able to leap back in time to see how things were done. The day to day living. The interacting. Particularly the lives of women…just to see how in the world they coped without all our modern conveniences.

Anyway, this past weekend, a local historic neighborhood hosted their annual home tour. The hubster and I, along with our good friends, enjoyed the look into the past. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Some homes. All these homes are within two blocks of each other. The yellow one and red brick one are right next to each other. Can you imagine knowing you’re going home to such grandeur? Two of them are still privately owned homes.

Trees! Almost all the homes were decked out for Christmas! So, so cool to see how the owners of these older homes decorated. Lots of ideas. (Much to the delight of my husband šŸ™‚ )

Details. Yeah, lots and lots of details. I think there might have been a chandelier in every house. Can’t remember but there were a lot of them. And there were lots of cozy nooks that would make you want to sit down and stay a long, long while.

The photo on the left was in a historic apartment building. Yeah, I could totally live there! The middle photo is of a guest room. I’m packing my bags! And the one on the left? The upstairs kitchen in a wealthy widower’s home. His daughter had moved home with her children in the 30’s. If my parents even hinted they would add an upstairs kitchen for me that looked like this I would be there! Lucky for them they don’t even have an upstairs or I would be measuring for the tile!

Yeah, wake up in a bedroom like this and then go have breakfast in the breakfast room. Anyone else feeling the need to step back in time with me?

This was our ride to the first house. Clone out the car behind him and I can totally imagine seeing this on the street daily. Lucky for me my very good friend lives on this street. Yeah, I get to go enjoy her porch and soak up the history any time I want!

I’m thinking that the home tour just may become an annual tradition for us. Especially since different houses appear on it every year…I wonder if I can pre-order my tickets? What are some of your holiday traditions?
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