>My Girl

>I know posts have been few and far between lately but it is crazy around here! Lots of things to get finished and go to. We purchased tile for the basement and the hubster and his dad have the family room completely tore up. The poor animals are totally confused! The big plus side is that they can do all the work themselves and save us tons of money. Love my handy men!

Steph is right in the middle of basketball season. Plus the boys’ teams have started. I haven’t made it to a game yet but I’ve got them on my calendar. Danielle is still doing indoor soccer. (Steph was also but some knee problems have forced us to make her stick to one sport at a time). I missed D’s last game but she told me she was a beast! Wish I had been able to make it…

I got some new photography toys and my Danielle was kind enough to sit still for me. Even though she was busting at the seams to go to Old Navy for a sweater sale, lol! She’d smile sweetly, I’d snap the photo and then she’d say “Are we going yet?” Too, too teenage! You’ll be happy to know, we did make it to ON. She picked out sweaters for all the kids. Lucky for them she’s got good taste! Lucky for me I’ve got a sweetie like her who lets me take photos like this:

This past summer I photographed a friend/co-worker’s family. They are such a neat, connected group. I was extremely saddened to hear the news on Friday that their grandmother/mother passed away. She was such an outgoing, friendly, adorable and open person and I know that she will be terribly missed. I will definitely miss seeing her sitting in the bleachers at basketball games. I think every player knew her.

Here’s hoping all your loved ones are close to you today
-thanks for stopping by!


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