>Runway, Here She Comes!

>I recently had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful young lady, Miss J. Now I’m telling you, as I was editing these photos, I was struck by how much her eyes look like Jennifer Aniston’s. Can you see it?

Miss J is interested in starting a modeling career. I’m thinking that she should have NO problems seeing that dream come true! Plus, she’s studying merchandising. I think. Is that right, J? With her style I can totally understand her choice in careers. Maybe she can help out my sad, sad wardrobe 😉

Yeah, no problems…

Doesn’t she have the prettiest smile? Oh, and from what I understand, she’s an awesome soccer player! Beauty and talent! She can leave you in the dust while dribbling a soccer ball and look good doing it! It’s a win-win!

Did I mention her eyes? Yeah, I think I might have, but they definitely are worth pointing out one more time. I mean, come on, if I had those eyes….well, let’s just leave it at that.

Hey Miss J, I’m busily working on the rest of your images. In the meantime
-thanks for stopping by!


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