>Black (& Gold) Friday

>Yes, that’s right, it was a Black & Gold Friday here at our house. Why? Because that’s the kids’ school colors and Miss Steph had a game. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, or know my family, you know that we love to play basketball. From the time my children could walk I encouraged dribbling in the house. We had a couple basketball thingys spread throughout the yard and house. Yeah, I like basketball. Of course, it may just be a Hoosier thing….

Anyway, here’s my baby in action. Don’t you just love a good lay-up? I know I do! I especially like the shots of them watching the ball after the shot. That moment of “will it go in? go in, go in!” Those photos never seem to make it to the sports pages but the expressions are so front-page worthy. Oh, and, yes, it did go in!

Over the years of her playing I’ve gotten lots of pics of Steph in action: lay-ups, dribbling, guarding, running, etc., but this one just may be my all time favorite. She and another player were fighting for the ball. They both ended up on the floor and Steph just casually handed the ball off to the ref. That’s my girl!

My Black Friday may not have included bargains galore but it sure had lots of action! I hope you enjoyed yours!
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