>Miss Steph and her beau went to their school’s Semi-formal this past weekend. Normal teens usually go to great lengths to avoid photos of milestone events such as this. Luckily for me, Steph is not one of those teens. She informed me that I was to go to the beau’s parents home and photograph them. Happily I agreed.

He got her a beautiful corsage. Can I get an “awwwww“? Remember your first corsage? Didn’t you feel all grown up and beautiful? I sure hope she felt that. Cause she looked it. Be still my aching-my-baby’s-growing-up-so-fast-mommy heart.

The happy duo. Holy Good-Lookin‘ Kids, Batman! Miss Steph informed me that this was her favorite photo ’cause she loves his eyes when he laughs. He’s pretty cute, though. You do good work, Mr. and Mrs. M!

Individuals. Gotta get the individuals. Number one because I just like making sure I have them. Number two it prolongs the torture of the teens. Its a win-win! haha

And this one? Well I glanced up and he was doing this. He quickly put his arms down. I asked him to do it again and he did!!! Can you believe it???? He’s been around long enough to know that anything, anything is fair game for the blog! Silly, silly boy. You are now officially indoctrinated into the family. You have been blogged.

Now this little guy! This is Willy. I think he stole the show. Definitely the best dressed. If I could have smuggled him out under my coat I would have. Unfortunately he is still safe and sound in his own home. And I? I shall visit him every chance I get. Because I wuv Willy. I weally, weally do.

Must be getting late….better get to bed. It’s a short work week but 7am still comes awful early. Got a couple shoots this weekend plus I need to get started on a quilt that’s been ordered. Yes, I am a Jack-of-all-trades. πŸ™‚
-thanks for stopping by!


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