>Eye Candy

>If you live in the greater Fort Wayne area you may have overlooked one of my favorite places to browse. It’s Saxton Nursery & Landscaping.
You know when you walk around the main building that something special waits inside. On my last visit it happened to be a beautiful fall day. Don’t you just love the way that blue sky pops the brick? Makes me want a farmhouse. Badly.

And hello!? This is the back door!! Seriously my back door has never and never will look like this. Oh sure, in my dreams it does, but reality? Nope. Nada. Zip. BUT!! That bird bath? I’m totally doing that this season! That I can accomplish.

The next few are some vignettes that the fantastic designers have put together. Wonder if they make house calls? I know they do landscaping….doesn’t say anything about decorating. But I’m thinking they should really consider it. If you stop in, ask ’em and let me know, k? K.

A few window scenes. I would like to do this but…..my windows are dirty….what with children, two nosy cats and a dog who’s addicted to window glass I will not be able to decorate them for a long time. Maybe I’ll print these out and tape them to the windows. That’s almost the same, right? Right?! Work with me here, people.

More eye candy. Love, love, love the dried branches and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I have a sneaking suspicion the husband won’t go for it. And those votive holders? If you’ve seen any like that would you please tell me where? My friend that I went with adored them and I’d like to get her some for Christmas. Before you ask, no, they weren’t selling them here. The one thing I really wanted to take home and it wasn’t for sale.

So, if you’re in the mood for some eye candy, a short trip and maybe some new treasures, Saxton is really worth the trip. Just make sure you tell me what goodies you picked up!
-thanks for stopping by!


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