>No Cheesy Tree Hugging

>I met Miss E on a glorious fall autumn day. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Especially in Indiana. Its VERY hard to get perfect autumn days here. Rainy, cold, gray? Yep, got that covered. Golden, crisp and pure perfection? Not often. But that’s what we got! And let me tell you, the weather matched her personality to a “T”. E is so sweet, friendly and just plain sunny that her session was no work at all! She requested some place with trees, lots of trees. BUT she didn’t want a cheesy tree-hugging shot. So, we played in the leaves instead. Now tell me, how cute is she?

Her other request was the footbridge leading to the local college. Miss E takes some classes here plus her regular school classes. Plus, she just finished the soccer season with her school team. They took second in state for the second year in a row. How cool is that?

This is one of my favorites from her session. She looks so confident and self-assured here. Oh, and by the way, mom, this would look FANTASTIC printed HUGE! Just saying…. 😉

And, because we knew we got the gold with this shot and she was so excited, I had to share it as well. See? Told you she was absolutely adorable. Even on a muddy river bank!

E, I hope you like your sneak peek!
-thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “>No Cheesy Tree Hugging

  1. >Michelle,Those we're among your very best senior pictures I've seen. And I check every week because I love seeing how talented you are!Sam's already making plans for next year and his senior pics. ann

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