>Did You Know She’s A Grandma? {St. Joe, Indiana Photographer}

>I recently had the pleasure of heading out to the country to photograph a dear friend’s family. I’ve known her many years and she decided that it was high time she had a new family portrait. Especially since her family has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years. Here’s the whole group:

Aren’t they adorable? They had so much fun in there! They kept going back in. I did manage to pull them out to get some individual family shots. Here’s the lovely K & R. Aren’t they just cuter than a bug? Oh, and she’s expecting another little bug! Yup, the family is going to grow some more!

And here’s the beautiful new family of C, J & M. Such a cute, cute family! I just loved the little guy. You parents are nice too, but who can resist a little dude who’s as stylin‘ as this? I do believe he was looking at dad in this shot. And I do believe he was asking him just, “why? why was am i being tortured by being forced to get pictures taken?” I tell ya, a man’s phobia of being in photographs starts young! 😉

This one’s just for grandma. Did I mention her family’s been growing? Did I mention she’s a grandma? I am certain that she is going to just eat this one up!!!

Oh, and grandpa? Grandpa is smitten. Totally in love. Probably would do just about anything for the little guy. And it shows. Yes, it surely does show…

Thanks M+G family for spending a chilly fall morning with me. I had a blast and, as always, you guys are just a hoot to be around. I can’t wait to meet that new little one in the spring!
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