>Score One For The Team! {fort wayne photographer}

>Meet Miss J. She’s is the sweetest thing this side of the 50 yard line. No, she doesn’t play football. She does something much harder: she’s the manager. And, from what I understand, she does a good job of it! She and my Danielle worked together all last year, lugging dirty uniforms, carting water and making Gatorade. (Danielle decided it was too much work-lol-but Miss J lettered in it.)

Told you she was pretty! Love this one. In the stands of the school’s field. She’s spent lots of her high school years here! Plus, we had lots of laughs shooting here. Good times, good times.

You just never know where I’m going to take you for a side-tour. This beautiful white brick wall is some kind of medical processing building. I drive by it frequently and always admire the way it glows in the light. So, I drug Miss J here for some pics. She didn’t seem to mind….

And in the field! We started off on the premise of the football field, then some urban stuff. Never did we discuss fields. But, driving by with the golden light of autumn and J’s chic outfit choice, I knew we had to stop here. Look at all the warm tones. Perfect for her!

Thanks Miss J for being so willing to try different areas for your shoot! I had a great time shooting your senior pics and I know that I will see you on the football sidelines soon–for a few more weeks, that is. Maybe even at the state game! The sky’s the limit!
-thanks for stopping by!


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